Introducing MindfulSelect – a new meal option that has you in mind! MindfulSelect gives you additional choice and control to build a Mindful Meal to suit your specific tastes, nutrition needs, or overall preferences. And ordering your own build-to-order MindfulSelect meal is simple.


  1. Select your size. Regular: 16oz (4 oz of which are proteins) or Large which are 24oz (6 oz of which are proteins).
  2. Select your grilled protein. Options include chicken, steak, shrimp and salmon.
  3. Select your base. Options include grilled vegetables, quinoa, brown rice.
  4. Select your side. Options include grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, broccoli, green beans.
  5. Select your sauce. Options include chimichurri, roasted tomato vinaigrette, keto ranch, or Mindful BBQ.

Enjoy your MindfulSelect Meal and repeat!

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